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About Indigi

Submission Instructions:

1. Please visit our FAQ'S section on Writer/Artist agreement terms for more information on what you should expect in terms of our agreements with our writers/artists. PLEASE DO NOT MOVE ONTO STEP 2 BELOW WITHOUT REVIEWING THIS SECTION FIRST.

2. Submit a minimum of three (3) of your ORIGINAL mp3 music samples that you would like to have us consider on an "EXCLUSIVE BASIS ONLY" to or (NO ZIP FILES AND NO M4A FILES). MP3 attachment's only, please.


Send demo/audio CD(s) to:
InDigi Music
Times Square Station
P.O. Box 2614
New York, NY 10108

- Be sure to include all of your contact information including any weblinks (i.e.: MySpace, SoundCloud, CDBaby, BandCamp, etc.).
- Let us know how you found out about us or if you have been referred to us by someone.

What is the next step?

If we are interested in pursuing your music, we will contact you and prompt you to go through the submissions/contractual process.

You will be required to confirm acceptance to our agreement terms before we proceed. Although our contracts are non-negotiable, we strongly encourage you to have the have the agreements reviewed on your behalf if you are not familiar with the legalese.

If you confirm that you are moving forward, you will then be required to complete and submit a W9 tax form (domestic writers/artists) or a W8 (foreign writers/artists) to us so that we can pay you, in the event that we collect a licensing fee for use of your music. Once we receive this, we will contact you about submission guidelines.

Full execution of the agreement will be the last step in the process, after you have fulfilled the submission obligations according to the guidelines.